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Animal Rights

Humane Society--they have a great mailing list that will leave you feel inspired, not hopeless and helpless, about helping animals! They make it easy (like, two or three mouse clicks and you're done) to send letters to law-makers about pending legislation that affects the fates of farm and other animals, and they tell you about successes as well as crises, so that you know you're having an effect. This is a great way to get involved in helping animals in need without spending too much time or emotional energy. It won't eat your life, and it will help. Please consider giving it a try!

Sustainable Food

The Meatrix--an entertaining and enlightening cartoon spoof on The Matrix. Highly recommended!

This informative site about making informed seafood choices addresses both which types of seafood are best for you and which are easiest on the ocean ecosystem. (Happily, the two do sometimes overlap!) Also has a nifty downloadable pocket seafood selector that fits in your wallet so you'll be able to remember what's what when you're out at a store or restuarant.

Sustainable Transportation

Super-cool folding bike with suitcase/trailer designed by my friend Thomas Seaman.

Green and/or Non-toxic Building

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses--everybody enjoys looking at these.

Aerated Autoclaved Concrete--really versatile, pest-proof, totally inert building material

miniHomes--incredibly well-designed, affordable (considering all you get) houses on wheels.


All-Wool Mattresses and Bedding-

Shepherd's Dream--made by kind people from the wool of happy sheep. Ecologically raised, no chemical treatments...wonderful!

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

I developed MCS in 2003. Feel free to contact me if you're dealing with it too, or just want to learn more.

Or, for lots information--from personal stories to peer-reviewed scientific articles--check out www.mcs-america.org.

This website, which focuses on healing MCS, is a work of art/love/help/hope. Kudos to Julie Genser, its intrepid author. www.PlanetThrive.com

For an active, upbeat blog aimed at those with MCS, visit The Canary Report.


For a fun way to help homeless dogs, go to www.freekibble.com

Story of Stuff

Very well done! Check it out at www.storyofstuff.com!